Nord Star 36+

That a 36-footer of Nord Star’s caliber has a certain weight is not really surprising. Only required as it weighs 8 tons and can be equipped with up to 2 x Volvo Penta D6-440 DPI (2×440 hp). But here we are talking about something more. Something that causes the boating press as owners to refer to its safe properties even when the sea is at its most agitated.

If it is then due to the well-turned hull, the strategically designed rungs and/or just the fact that the hull as well as beams and engine compartment are exceptionally well insulated, we do not dig deeper here and now.

Most importantly, the Nord Star 36+ is exactly the balanced mix of “raw rough ice” and “luxury houseboat” that has made the brand famous. With this safe all-weather boat also comes the option of having it with a flybridge that gives a new perspective on boating – literally.

Perhaps most of all, the 36+ excels with its well-proportioned spaces, both externally and internally. Just take the wide and well-proportioned cargo areas and the lowered side tires. Or by all means take the large doors into the cabin, which make it a breeze to move around on board – regardless of whether you are out with a large group or whether you have to manage maneuvering and loading on your own.

Speaking of maneuvering, the 36+ also has an extra ace up its sleeve as, thanks to dual motors, joystick steering and Sky Hook, it is child’s play to handle both at high speeds and in tight harbours.

Last but not least, the boat boasts an interior that few, if any, other cabin boats of the same size can compare with. Something that, in a somewhat magical way, has managed to conjure up the large exterior spaces in spite of.

With built-in weight

With or without flybridge?
With the Nord Star 36+ also comes the opportunity to get the boat with a solid flybridge where no shortcuts have been taken to achieve maximum comfort. Complete with a large L-shaped sofa, substantial seats and an ergonomically thought-out and royally placed driver’s seat in the middle.

Comfortable accommodation
The Nord Star 36+ is a no-frills full-fledged houseboat with its large, bright and airy saloon and its two separate sleeping cabins with room for a total of five adults.

Tough exterior
The Nordstar 36+ gets a lot of praise for its tough, not to say rather cocky, appearance as well as its line play that harmonizes with the boat’s cheeky attitude in general.

Price from: 459 900 €

Nord Star 36 Black Pearl Nylunds Boathouse

Excellent driving characteristics

Special hull design gives excellent driving experience and reduces hull noise.

Large flybridge

As an option for the 36 there is a large flybridge with an L-sofa. Furthermore, a fridge, bimini top and stereo is also available.

Large outdoors area

There is a sofa on the deck, and as an option you can choose between a table, a chill box and a rear canopy.

Spacious lounge

Spacious lounge with plenty of seating and good visibility in all directions. The table is electrically adjustable and the sofa set can be turned into a bed.

Folding sofa

The back cabin has its own entrance.

Comfortable seat for the captain

The captain has good all-round visibility, a spring-loaded seat and a good selection of different navigation equipment.

Spacious rear cabin

The rear cabin berths for ut to three persons and plenty of storage space. There are two windows in the side of the hull and one in the rear, which lets in a lot of natural light.

Big pentry

The Pentry has a fridge, stove, pool and plenty of storage. As an option there is a microwave oven with grill and convection available.

Spacious front cabin

the front cabin is spacious with a large double bed, wardrobe and plenty of storage.

Spacious bathroom

There is a toilet, shower and sink in the bathroom.

Technical information

Length:12,30 m (39’4″)
Beam:3,60 m (11’8″)
Weight:~8 000 kg
Max recommended people:15
Fuel tank:663 l
Water tank:215 l
Holding tank:130 l
Engine:2 x Volvo Penta D4-270DPI
2 x Volvo Penta D4-300DPI
2 x Volvo Penta D4-320DPI
2 x Volvo Penta D6-340DPI
2 x Volvo Penta D6-380DPI
2 x Volvo Penta D6-400DPI
2 x Volvo Penta D6-440DPI
2 x Yanmar 8LV 370
Max recommended power:650 kW
Top speed:+40 kn
Cruising speed:25-35 kn
Performance may vary due to equipment, weather and load conditions.

Contact information

Michael Nylund

Sales & brokerage

Johan Berg

Sales & brokerage, Finland

Mikael Huldin

Sales, Sweden & Worldwide

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