Nord Star 31+

The keys to success of the all new Nord Star 31+ in its own class are spacious, well-equipped living spaces and excellent offshore properties. The walkaround deck with three doors ensures that walking on the deck is always safe and hassle-free. The cabins are designed for a mature taste: in front it has a convertible bed for two, the center cabin offers sleeping space for up to three persons. A large toilet and a luxurious salon offers extra comfort for excursions, not to mention the galley. 31+ hand-laminated, strong hull gives it even more strength and confidence to shear through breakers with confidence, making it an excellent boat for light work or excursions to archipelago.

Price from: 271 800 €

Technical information

Length: 10,05 m (32’9″)
Weight: ~5 500 kg
Max recommended people:
Fuel tank:
Water tank:
Holding tank:
Max recommended power:
Top speed:
Cruising speed:

Performance may vary due to equipment, weather and load conditions.


Michael Nylund

Sales & brokerage

Johan Berg

Sales & brokerage, Finland

Mikael Huldin

Sales & brokerage, Sweden & Denmark