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Jade Boats

Jade Boats

The luxurious Jade Boats are built working with the grain. For Jade Boats, boating is not about knots, nautical miles, or horsepower and instead what matters is the freedom and the state of mind. With Jade Boats, we wanted to create conditions where the journey was more important than the destination.

Nature and environmental friendliness must be included in everything we do. This is not a value or a choice for us but instead our way of living and being. This is the reason why the materials used for Jade Boats are chosen principally with nature in mind.

Cava 350

CAVA 350

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Jade Boats Cava 350

Modern Boatbuilding

The hull of the boat is made from flax fiber composites infused with eco-friendly epoxy resin. The core is made from cork.

Enjoyable and Almost Silent Operation

The boat is equipped with an electric pod motor. The only sound you hear is from the boat moving through water. The electric drive allows for easy and enjoyable boating.

Jade Boats Cava 350
Jade Boats Cava 350 Jade Boats Cava 350 Jade Boats Cava 350

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