Have you thought about selling your motorboat? Or have you already put it up for sale? Bring it to us and we will list your boat. You don´t have to do anything else, we will take care of everything! With our expertis we will optimize your boat before listing it, and then we will market it efficiently through different channels. Our sales offices are located in Port of Skuru, Raasepori (Finland) and Saltsjö Pir, Stockholm (Sweden).

1. Storage

Bring your boat to Special Marine, at Skuru Harbour (Finland) or Saltsjö Pir (Stockholm, Sweden), for storage.

2. Optimizing

Together we will go through the condition of your boat and decide on actions to take, to optimize it before putting it up for sale.

3. Styling

Our interior designer will style the boat and take the pictures.

4. Sales ads

After this it will be put up for sale through different channels in Finland, Sweden and Denmark (the bigger boats will also be put up for sale in Europe).

5. Part exchange

We can take both boats and cars in exchange when selling your boat (case by case), and this will definitely improve the possibility of selling your boat.

6. Financing

We also offer financing with good conditions!

Sold Boats


Michael Nylund

Sales & brokerage

Johan Berg

Sales & brokerage, Finland

Mikael Huldin

Sales & brokerage, Sweden & Denmark

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