Nord Star 30 Patrol


Price from

214 000 

Technical information

Length:10,10 m
Width:3,15 m
Weight:~5000 kg
Number of persons:10
Water tank:160 l
Holding tank:90 l
Fuel tank:1 x 410 l, 2 x 330 l
Engine:1 x Volvo Penta D4-320DPI, 1 x Volvo Penta D6-340DPI, 1 x Volvo Penta D6-380DPI, 1 x Volvo Penta D6-400DPI, 1 x Volvo Penta D6-440DPI, 2 x Mercury 3,0-270, 2 x Mercury 4,2-370, 2 x Volvo Penta D3-220DPS, 2 x Volvo Penta D4-270DPI, 2 x Volvo Penta D4-320DPI, Mercury 4,2-370
Max rated engine power:735 hp
Max speed:+50 kn
Cruising speed:20-32 kn
Fuel consumption (at 26 kn):1,7 l/nm

More information

The keys to success of Nord Star 30 Patrol in its own class are spacious, well-equipped living spaces and excellent offshore properties. The walkaround deck with three doors ensures that walking on the deck is always safe and hassle-free. The cabin is designed for a mature taste: it has a large bed for two, a large toilet and a luxurious salon for extra comfort for excursions, not to mention the galley. 30 Patrol’s hand-laminated, strong hull gives it even more strength and confidence to shear through breakers with confidence, making it an excellent boat for, for example, light work or excursions to archipelago.

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Deck plan

Moottorivene Nord Star 30 patrol

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