Nord Star boats distributor in Finland, Sweden & Denmark!

We buy your boat

We buy a motor boat for you or your business.


Have you thought about selling your motorboat? Or have you already put it up for sale? Bring it to us and we will list your boat. You don´t have to do anything else, we will take care of everything! With our expertis we will optimize your boat before listing it, and then we will market it efficiently through different channels.


We provide all boat winter maintenance, repairs, engine and equipment installations by qualified personnel.


Nylunds Boathouse Ltd. was founded in July 2016, and is a family-owned company in Raseborg, southern Finland. We are a motorboat brokerage company, and even though the company is relatively new, we have 15 years of experience from the car and boat industry.

Contact information

Michael Nylund

Sales & brokerage

Ann-Sofie Nylund

Finance & marketing

Jari Björkqvist

Sales & brokerage

Johan Berg

Sales & brokerage

Mikael Huldin

Sales & brokerage, Sweden & Denmark

Tiit Kivisaar

Sales & brokerage, Baltic & Russia

Berndt Huldin

Dock master

Håkan Landell

Engine & Volvo Penta manager

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